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December 11, 2023

U.S. Citizens with a PA ID/Passport Can Apply for Permits for Short-Term Visits to Israel

Message to U.S. Citizens:  U.S. Embassy Jerusalem (December 10, 2023)

Location:  Israel, the West Bank

Subject:  U.S. Citizens with a Palestinian Authority (PA) ID/Passport Can Apply for Permits for Short-Term Visits to Israel Beginning December 8  

As of December 8, U.S. citizens with valid U.S. passport who also hold a Palestinian Authority (PA) ID/passport and are resident in the West Bank may again apply for a permit (“US Tourist Approval”) to enter Israel through the Al-Munassiq app or apply for a B2 permit (admission paper) to enter Israel at Allenby Bridge in order to transit through the West Bank to Israel (and return as appropriate) for up to 90 days. All U.S. citizens with a valid B2 permit may also travel between Israel and the West Bank.  For more information, visit the Government of Israel’s webpage: Entry-Exit Information: Israel, the West Bank and Gaza.  If your U.S. passport has already been associated with your PA ID in the Al-Munassiq app, you do not need to do it again.

On July 20, the Israeli government began implementing changes to travel procedures for U.S. citizens on the Palestinian population registry who may request to enter Israel visa-free for short term visits up to 90 days for business, tourism, or transit.  Under the updated travel policies, Israel has committed to treating U.S. citizens equally, without regard to national origin, religion, or ethnicity.   On October 7, the Israeli government prohibited the entry from the West Bank into Israel of any Palestinian Authority ID/passport holders, regardless of any other nationality they may hold, including U.S. citizenship.  As of December 8, 2023, Israel is reversing this policy for U.S. citizens only.

Who can I talk to if I am denied entry or experience discrimination? 

If you are a U.S. citizen traveling on your U.S. passport and you were denied entry to Israel for a short term visit up to 90 days (denial of entry does not mean that you were re-directed from a vehicle crossing to a pedestrian crossing), or you wish to report your travel experience (even if you were admitted to Israel) you can contact the American Citizens Services (ACS) Unit at the U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem or at the Embassy Branch Office in Tel Aviv.

  1. By using the U.S. Embassy Jerusalem and Branch Office Tel Aviv online reporting form.
  2. By phone (for denial of entry only): U.S. Citizens can call the Embassy at the phone numbers on our website: U.S. Citizen Services – U.S. Embassy in Israel (usembassy.gov) (+972-2-630-4000)
  3. You may also wish to contact the auditor for the Israeli Population and Immigration Authority at TZ@piba.gov.il to report discrimination at an airport or Port of Entry or you can report discrimination at a checkpoint with the West Bank or Gaza to COGAT: inquiries@cogat.gov.il or +972-03-6977577

Actions to Take: 


U.S. Embassy Jerusalem
14 David Flusser St.
Online ACS Inquiry System: click here
Phone: +972-2-630-4000
Website: https://il.usembassy.gov/

U.S. Embassy Branch Office Tel Aviv
71 HaYarkon St.
Tel Aviv
Routine: click here
Online ACS Inquiry System: click here
Phone: +972-3-519-7575
Website: https://il.usembassy.gov/

State Department – Consular Affairs
888-407-4747or 202-501-4444

Israel, West Bank, and Gaza Country Information
Israel, West Bank, and Gaza Travel Advisory 

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