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Notice of Funding Opportunity: Innovative Tourism Experiences


The Public Diplomacy Section of the Palestinian Affairs Unit (PAU-PD) announces an open competition for a grant through this Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO). The Innovative Tourism Experiences initiative is designed to partner with not-for-profit non-governmental organizations (NGO’s) to implement activities which advance the applicant’s goals and the PAU-PD mission: to advance a comprehensive and lasting peace through a negotiated two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the development of a vibrant, representative, and responsive Palestinian civil society, private sector, and governing institutions through substantive engagement with American people, institutions, ideas and ideals in order to improve American-Palestinian relations and create greater opportunities for mutually beneficial partnership and cooperation.

Priority Region: Jerusalem and the West Bank 

Program Objectives:

All proposed projects must aim to advance the PAU-PD mission goals stated above, contain a substantive American element, and achieve one or more of the following specific objectives:

  1. An enhanced and more diversified Palestinian tourism sector.
  2. Improved capacities of tourism-related Palestinian businesses and entrepreneurs.
  3. Support for at least one of the following types of tourism: eco; cultural life, food, heritage and tradition; adventure, sports, and recreation.
  4. Availability of additional English-language resources for the Palestinian tourism sector.
  5. Improved knowledge and understanding among Palestinian people of American tourists’ interests and demands, American tourism industry expertise and best practices, and opportunities for U.S.-Palestinian partnerships.

Participants and Audience:

  • Palestinians in Jerusalem and/or the West Bank working in the tourism sector,  especially those sub-sectors outlined above (eco; cultural life, food, heritage and tradition; adventure, sports, and recreation).
  • Palestinians in Jerusalem and/or the West Bank living in communities that host tourism events or sites, or communities that seek to build those event/sites.
  • Palestinians in Jerusalem and/or the West Bank who interact with American tourists.

Federal Award Information:

Length of performance period:              8 to 12 months

Number of awards anticipated:             One or two awards (dependent on amounts)

Award amounts:                                    Awards may range from a minimum of $10,000 to a maximum of $50,000.

Total available funding:                         $50,000

Type of Funding:                                   FY22 Smith Mundt Public Diplomacy Funds

Anticipated programs start date:           on/about October 1, 2022

Submission Dates and Times:

Applications are due no later than midnight local time (GMT +3) June 24, 2022.

All application materials must be submitted by email with “Innovative Tourism Experiences” in the subject line to JerusalemPAUPSEO@state.gov including your organization’s official registration.

If you have any questions about the grant application process, please contact: JerusalemPAUPSEO@state.gov by June 06, 2022 with “Innovative Tourism Experiences” in the subject line.

Organizations wishing to submit proposals to the Public Affairs Section should review the following documents and forms: