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October 14, 2023

Security Alert #9: Commercial Availability Remains Limited Out of Ben Gurion Airport

Location:  Israel, the West Bank, and Gaza 

Event:  Security Alert#9 (October 14, 2023) 

Commercial availability remains limited out of Ben Gurion Airport. The U.S. government is facilitating transportation for U.S. citizens; we urge those wishing to leave to take advantage of these charters while they are available. Please also be aware that the U.S. Government has authorized the departure of family members of U.S. government personnel and some non-emergency personnel on a case-by-case basis from Mission Israel.  

Sunday, October 15, U.S. citizens should arrive at Ben Gurion Terminal 3 and look for a table with a U.S. flag where U.S. Embassy personnel will be present to provide further instructions and assistance. Charteredtransportation will be to nearby safe locations, not back to the United States and you may not be able to choose your destination. Seats are on a space available basis. We encourage you to arrive early as you may need to wait for an available flight.  


Each traveler must be a U.S. national or the immediate family member (spouse/partner, children under age 21) of a U.S. national and have a valid passport.   Family members who are not U.S. citizens must be eligible for entry to the destination.   

·               Each traveler may bring one carry-on bag up to 22 lbs./10kg. and one checked bag up to 50 lbs./22 kg   

·               Travelers cannot bring pets. 

You will be asked to sign an agreement to repay the U.S. government prior to departure. If you accept this assistance, you should be prepared to arrange your own lodging and onward travel from the safe location to your final destination. U.S. Embassy officials will be available to help you when you arrive via the charters. 

U.S. citizens who wish to depart with U.S. government assistance must express their interest via our crisis intake form at https://cacms.state.gov/s/crisis-intake.  Do not fill out this form if you have already completed it – we have your information, and duplicate requests delay our response. 

Gaza:  The military conflict between Israel and Hamas is ongoing, making identifying departure options for U.S. citizens complex. We are working on potential options for departure from Gaza for U.S. citizens.   We have U.S. government officials working 24/7 to try to assist. If you have not already done so, please complete the crisis intake form athttps://cacms.state.gov/s/crisis-intake to provide contact information should we need to reach out to you on short notice.  


U.S. Embassy Jerusalem 
14 David Flusser St. 
Telephone: +972-3-519-7575 

E-mail: JerusalemACS@state.gov 
Website: https://il.usembassy.gov/  

U.S. Embassy Branch Office Tel Aviv 
71 HaYarkon St. 
Tel Aviv 
Telephone: +972-3-519-7575 
E-mail: TelAvivACS@state.gov 
Website: https://il.usembassy.gov/ 

State Department – Consular Affairs 
1-833-890-9595 (toll free) and 1-606-641-0131 

U.S. citizens in Israel please call the local number (03-519-7426)