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Speakers and Specialists

U.S. Speakers

The Public Affairs Section hosts U.S. speakers who are experts in a variety of fields, including: governance/rule of law, civic education, youth issues, American Studies, culture/arts, women’s issues, human rights, democracy/elections, economic development, religion, foreign policy, information technology, and journalism. During their 2-3 day programs in the Palestinian Territories, U.S. speakers meet with their Palestinian counterparts and conduct workshops, seminars, and public lectures. In the event that a desired speaker is not able to travel, shorter programs can also be held via digital video conference (DVC) at venues in the Palestinian Territories.

Cultural Specialists

The cultural specialist program brings specialists in the arts and other areas to the Palestinian Territories for 2-6 weeks, working primarily with one group or organization on a specific project, such as producing an American play in a local language, giving master classes to a national theater company, or classes in writing skills. Costs for the cultural specialist program are shared by the host institution.

Academic Specialists

The academic specialist program provides grants to enable Americans to consult with foreign educational institutions, professional groups or governmental organizations about a specific educational project or to conduct workshops and seminars for faculty or professional personnel. The academic specialist program is co-sponsored by a host institution in the Palestinian Territories.